Thursday, December 29, 2011

a year in the life of someone or other

A poorly potato printed couple of doves. Peace-out, people.

The pile of unmarked essays is going down, along with the shortbread, which suggests the busiest season is coming to an end – university term one (with Christmas thrown in).I’ve been too snowed under for blog posts or even tweet sized candy twists of thought. And tomorrow there is Tenerife. So before swapping drizzle for daylight and port for Sangria, and prior to my return to the world of lecture theatres, bomber jackets and terminology, here is my personal summary of 2011’s remarkably interesting (and preferably superficial) personal (Sociologists would say 'micro') incidences (in sequential order). See if you can get to the end of the list without dozing off.

• Spontaneously going out for last orders on NYE to Sandbar, discovering a dancefloor and boogying through the early hours of the year.
• Chatting to actor Michael Riley on Skype, twice, about the meaning of life - and Being Erica.
• Taking up photography.
• Counting the minutes until my nose goes numb – from leaving the hotel – on holiday in Helsinki, at minus 20 degrees (and noticing my bottle of water has turned to ice).
• Connecting with all the characters on Black Books.
• Living in Suburbia.
• Sporting a Princess Ann bouffant for the night for a Royal Wedding party.
• Finding it is possible to feel drunk by default (when undergoing a period of abstinence).
• Taking up running and weightlifting!
• Watching Bernard Sumner talking up close. Finally.
• Discovering a certain ‘French Gothic.’
• Submitting a script to Neighbours.
• Being one of dozens photographing the aftermath of the Manchester riots.
• Roland Rat admiring my Dear David Cameron blogpost via a tweet.
• Launching a North Korean art exhibition (launching, perhaps, a bad choice of words).
• Doing sober karaoke in Blackpool.
• Playing ten pin bowling for the first time and winning.
• Discovering Air Hockey.
• Hearing that Kim Jong Il has died.
• Watching my ex PhD supervisor look around my office in my new job – which used to be his office in his old job.
• Watching CSS perform in a small library in Lancaster.
• Reading the bible (the book of Revelation for a course I’ll be teaching).
• Writing this list. And refusing to count the bullets.

Happy new year! (place emphasis on the 'new' and say it in a transatlantic acccent for added merriment)