Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Northern County Soul

In keeping with a quiet promise I made to myself, here is a blogpost for this month, before it ends. It is a 'Movember' meddley of photos I took on my new smartphone of things I've seen on various little outings around the Northern counties of Cheshire, Lancashire and Staffordshire. It includes scenes from a local park, snippets of walks, a Whalley Range sunset, a firework display on Chorlton Green, the turning on of the Christmas lights by Manchester town hall, an Asia Triennial Manchester artwork inside Manchester cathedral (yes, it has one) - 'Drained' by Adeela Suleman, trees in various states of leaflessness and beyond, the general crispness of wintery contours and the Beetham tower from a new angle.

It is surprising that I did have time to see some stuff this month. I started a new job as a (permanent) lecturer in Contemporary Art History whilst working notice on my old job as an associate lecture in various, random faculties, thus continuing for a while the generic seven day weeker which had already become my life this autumn. This clash of the two jobs will end in a week. I will soon be working in just the one department. I now have focus. I also have no need to complain. At least not to the extent to which I have in previous blogposts (e.g. Dear Mr Cameron). However, this will not stop me picketing tomorrow, if not for the pensions, then for the cause of trade unionism - for the power of protest against the sometimes inperceptible persuasiveness of profit.

And then there is Christmas.


Running Corgi said...

I happened to see coverage of the protests on our national news media here in the states. I didn't realize how extreme the UK was getting. Funny (not!)how austerity measures don't seem to be working anywhere in the world but the politicians keep saying its the only thing that will save us.

Kathleen said...

Some great photos here! Love the fireworks! And the pieces of wood.

Congrats on your new job and have a wonderful Christmas. :-)