Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Northern County Soul

In keeping with a quiet promise I made to myself, here is a blogpost for this month, before it ends. It is a 'Movember' meddley of photos I took on my new smartphone of things I've seen on various little outings around the Northern counties of Cheshire, Lancashire and Staffordshire. It includes scenes from a local park, snippets of walks, a Whalley Range sunset, a firework display on Chorlton Green, the turning on of the Christmas lights by Manchester town hall, an Asia Triennial Manchester artwork inside Manchester cathedral (yes, it has one) - 'Drained' by Adeela Suleman, trees in various states of leaflessness and beyond, the general crispness of wintery contours and the Beetham tower from a new angle.

It is surprising that I did have time to see some stuff this month. I started a new job as a (permanent) lecturer in Contemporary Art History whilst working notice on my old job as an associate lecture in various, random faculties, thus continuing for a while the generic seven day weeker which had already become my life this autumn. This clash of the two jobs will end in a week. I will soon be working in just the one department. I now have focus. I also have no need to complain. At least not to the extent to which I have in previous blogposts (e.g. Dear Mr Cameron). However, this will not stop me picketing tomorrow, if not for the pensions, then for the cause of trade unionism - for the power of protest against the sometimes inperceptible persuasiveness of profit.

And then there is Christmas.