Sunday, July 17, 2011

French Charming

What things are French charming or chic? Are they opposite or similar to things which are what we might consider as French Gothic? Is French Charming the back-handed compliment of French Gothic? Either way, French charming things are not very English and that is really quite nice. Charming things are things like grapes growing from the side of a barn, swarms of sunflowers with their backs to a chateau, duck egg blue wooden shutters, unnecessary door carvings and frilly iron balconies on blocks of flats, Rococo and Gothic side by side, market stands with a dozen types of olive, zigzags of vine rows, overgrown footpaths and lime green mossy walls, a cross on every countryside corner, abandoned wood piles, dome abodes for pigeons, lone vintage mopeds, triumphant arches, wicker chair pavement clusters, little boats - and lots and lots of pots flowing with fluorescent flowers.

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