Monday, July 25, 2011

Camping in Hathersage

There was a little bit of most things at their English bestest when camping in Derbyshire this weekend. Being of mixed Celtic/European descent and not really into gang mentality I'm not patriotic. However, there're elements of the English countryside, culture and cuisine for which I have a soft spot. This little getaway tended to involve them. Hathersage is a multifarious little place! We went by car - there is also a train station - to the North Lees campsite, which was in a picturesque little spot, although offered a disproportionately large number of midgies and required lights to be out by ten. It's just up the road from North Lees Hall, an Elizabethan tower house, which inspired Charlotte Bronte's Thornfield Hall in Jane Eyre. Hike higher into the hills and stumble upon (but hopefully not over) Stanage Edge which is popular with climbers, Robin Hood and film directors (see Pride and Prejudice motion picture, 2005 - the Keira Knightley one), wild flowers, long haired sheep, ferns, crooked tree trunks, paving stones, purple heather and, errr, lizards. In the town there's a heated lido (which sometimes hosts nobbly knees contests), people driving vintage cars (a Lotus but didn't get the rest), a gastro pub and cream tea houses galore.


Lee said...

Some lovely photos of an area I know well - I also like to photograph interesting trees to better show off the surrounding landscape.

Culturators said...

Lee, it was a good day for photographing. Some great, craggy trees. Have you a website?

Sorry for my oversuse of the word 'little' in this post - but everything is so quaint around Hathersage!