Sunday, June 5, 2011

A right riveting ramble

Rivington Pike, Lancashire, is actually riveting. It's almost uncannily windy just around the Pike Tower and then when you ramble down the forrested hill (Winter Hill), there are unexpected terraced and Japanese gardens with serene lakes, a memorial orientated arboretum and barns converted into drinkeries or late night cafe shops. The only problem is getting there on public transport. It was just about twenty five minutes from Manchester Oxford Road to Horwich, but once there, we had to spend the first hour or so trudging past Bolton Wanderers' football stadium and various, soulless technology and shopping 'parks.' We took a satisfyingly rounded route, though, to the Pike and back with the second part of the walk the brighter half all round. General verdict: fortuitous gothicism.

(Images in reverse order)

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