Monday, May 2, 2011

I heart my blog

So I've noticed it's been almost a year since I started properly engaging with this blog. Since then, it's had several names changes, identity crises and make-overs. I guess it's only right; as humans we continuously change things about our appearance and we focus on different elements of our wants and needs as well as our self perceptions of ourselves as some kind of entity in time and space. I'm quite happy with bricolage and be. It's become at once eclectic and indeterminate but something which remains true to its identity is its willingness to be at once eclectic and indeterminate. And it's always up for a bit of reflectivity and reflexivity. One constant, a condition I set myself with this blog, is that I have never mentioned anyone by name withouh asking their permission first and I've never gushed about issues of amourousness or tattletale.

The page views have been increasing as I've put a wider range of blog posts up about a mixture of popular and less popular 'culture' from local and global spheres. I've got a new fan who is someone close to me, as of last week! It was the first time he looked at it, so it's never too late to gather interest and encouragement.

I have recently realised that I love my blog. It's become a dependable friend, a bit like Penny pigeon who roosts in the tree outside my bedroom window. She's often perched on her nest when I look through the glass in the morning and we capture each other's gaze and blink a bit then carry on with our lives. If I have a disappointing day, then writing a blog post guides me away from the negative because it helps to direct my thoughts towards the natural anti-thesis of the situation. I don't want to let it or anyone who reads it down by using it entirely as a diary consisting of stream of consciousness clobber. My friend is a wrestler but she doesn't fight her opponents. She uses her knowledge and strength to navigate her side of the game.

My new hobby is photography and it provides an extra 'focus' when I think about how I might narrate my pictures if I choose to blog them. At the moment, in a zone of post university term-time teaching, I sit most comfortably with this slightly less involved kind of art form, if it can be called an art form when I'm not learning any photographic techniques as such (I need an SLR!). But I'm intending to return to interviewing 'culturemakers', drawing the everyday and redrafting that novel (the one this blog was originally about), once I've found a bit of stability on the employment front. Or perhaps I'll just start a new story.

Quick snapshot of today at Manchester's Exchange Square.

Penny Pigeon

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