Monday, April 25, 2011

The Beetham Beat

I've become a bit obsessed with photgraphing the Beetham Tower. I caught it through my lens by accident when I was looking at daffodils in my local park and I subsequently began to appreciate its shape and the dynamism it seems to project onto the Manchester skyline. It's great for juxtapositions, physically or metaphorically, of trees and flowers, industrial train and canal arches or the unexpectedly diagonal planes of surrounding shops - such as those red and yellow battenberg red brick furniture stores on Deansgate. It seems to make a different statement every day depending on the skies or your mood: glowering, irrelevant, silent, bombastic, showy, distant, vibrant. Currently I think it's sexy. Especially when it's sunny and it mirrors the blue. It's my spring muse, of sorts.

I need to capture one of these battenberg shops against it. Like this photographer did:

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