Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Urban Nooks and Surburban Crannies

So it was a little late in the day to be taking photos on both these occasions. And a bit gloomy. But gloomy doesn't have to mean doomy. And are sharp, bright images always the best? Sometimes life doesn't look that way.

Hulme (first two) and a Park Somewhere in Timperley (the rest)

Exterior design, Hulme park

Snowdrops from fallen leaves (spring is leaving autumn behind).

A bit of bark.

A bit of green, wet bark.

Is it a toad, is it a crocodile or is it some more bark?

It was some more bark.

Some funghi on a tree. Pretty or ugly?

More wet bark - of a Birch this time.

Auburn bark (I should really learn the names of these trees).

A tree in a puddle (I like the contrast of colour and texture).

A bit of evergreen.

Can you spot my reflection?

View from behind a tree.

Trees at dusk. A bit gothic.

A bird at dusk (it's hard to tell which).

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