Friday, January 7, 2011

Walk and paws

I was going to do a blog post to celebrate the end of 2010 by inserting some photos taken from my phone of mountainous landscapes and cats. I was going to call the post Mountains and Moggies (not molehills). The photos would have highlighted, both literally and symbolically, some of the finer moments and things about which to be happy. However, my crappy, low budget qwerty samsung won't let me send MMS or attach photos to an email and no one seems to know why; not even the omnipotent Lucy - the O2 online help assistant. Between the christmas and new year celebrations and marking 140 essays I managed to go for a beautiful walk up Win Hill near Derwent Water. It was not a very tall hill - only 1000 ft - but it was very steep. I liked walking down the other side to see what I could see the best. It was very misty that day and we got a little lost, but nicely so. It enabled us to talk in depth about things which it is good to talk in depth about if only you could find the time and space. I took some atmospheric, vaguely ethereal photos from the top and down by the water. Sometimes the low pixilation adds constructively to the image's ambiguity. Anyhow, you can't see them. Sorry. In fact, no, I'm not going to apologise for Samsung, even if they are Korean. So the above is an image my sister took of our fanTabulous cat, Chomsky. He is doing what he does best; resting belly up, with paws-a-kimbo, a faint, whiskered grin on his cheeky chops - in a small, quiet place away from the hustle of the Kennedy family. Cats always find time to chill during the day. They also always find the time to play. I think 2011 shall be the year of the cat.

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