Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 blossoms

So January is almost over. But as early as the second week I noticed that some new blossom was finding its way into the world. I've been wanting to capture it for a while and now I've got a new camera with which to do it. This is the first time I took the camera out. It was only to the streets *guilty grimace* of Hulme but I guess it should get to know its locality. I haven't worked out the many settings and options which my little, economical pentax pal has to offer so the photos aren't too sharp. Also, it was getting a little dark when I got out *guilty grimace part two*. Anyway, I wanted to try and spread a little floral love into the blogosphere amongst January's jagged wasteland - I think I'm being melodramatic on purpose and with some implied irony here but I can't be sure. Everyone I speak to this year seems to be struggling to not let January get to them. That day - the third Monday in January - when we're told by the radio that we should be depressed, that was beautiful for me. The Monday after wasn't though. I'm not sure if it's the Christmas aftermath or the winter light or the socially conditioned signalling and subsequent expectation for new beginnings. I'm celebrating the new beginnings which count.

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