Monday, August 23, 2010

what happened to a scanner daily?

There were several reasons why I stopped a scanner daily. There was a rationale behind its end, it wasn't just that I couldn't be bothered to open the lid of my scanner every day. Here it is:

1) In the same week I was asked to co-curate an exhibion, write a piece for another exhibition and put in an application for research funding with my ex PhD-supervisor. I suddenly had some purpose to my present and future everday life. And something to put my energies into which a range of other people may notice (rather than just my 3 loyal blog readers).

2) I wanted to begin seriously re-drafting my novel.

3) I showed my blog at Madlab's Interesting Mondays because they were short of speakers and I wanted feedback. It was interpreted as a 365 project - of which there are thousands online. It made a scanner daily seem mundane.

4) I felt like I was spending too much time blogging to myself, rather than communicating my ideas more productively and healthily.

5) I was sick of opening the lid of the scanner every day and waiting for the information to travel from it to my senile laptop.

I changed the look of my blog but I think it is for the worse so I made it private for a while. Now I'm not sure what to do. Any ideas re the design and title of the blog?

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Abbas Ali said...

I really enjoyed your posts from A Scanner Daily.

I didn't realise there were so many 265 ventures out there. I think once you're back at uni, that's when the blog could shine, if you could find time, because it could document your life at uni and provide insight into that.

the same with the curating, I don't konw much about Korean Art, but the blog would be a great way to introduce people to it.

Having dabbled with blogging, I totally understand that finding time for it can be very difficult when you're doing something else, like work.