Monday, July 5, 2010

A Scanner Daily: day one

TOP BANANA, annotated by a Manchester curator, banana, scanned by Beccy K, 5 July 2010

I am taking on a summer task of scanning objects on a daily basis. They may be significant to my everyday life or they may be random. The challenge will come in continually finding objects in my everyday existence which somehow relate to the everyday. Then, also, in retrospect, trying to designate these objects some meaning. It's conceptual art, I think.

This is a top banana. Last Thursday I attended the ATM11 curatorial lab where curators, intellectuals and artists discuss the issues surrounding the idea of the next Asian art triennial in Manchester. During the discussion, as food and drink ran freely, one of the curators of the Chinese Arts Centre, decided to decorate the bananas. The intellectual property right probably belongs to her, but the banana belongs to me because she kindly said I could take it home. As I am currently on job seeker's allowance I seized the opportunity for some free fruit, which is so expensive these days. I was also offered some more calorific sweets but I declined for the reasons that I shouldn't be encouraged to contribute towards Britain's obesity crisis (and I'm not far off from that category myself at present.) In a way, this gifted banana is symbolic. Now you have to work out how. That's conceptual art isn't it?

Why scan an object? Well, further to my 'My Felt Darlek' post, and even further to when my sister scanned her boyfriend's favourite teddy bear with an empty packet of crisps, I have noticed that scanning objects gives them a rather ethereal quality. The 3Dness of objects means that they don't scan / photocopy like a piece of paper with text on it does. They lose some of their robustness due to the fact that they are trapped between a lid and a piece of glass which is only really meant to capture flat objects. They get a little hazy or out of focus around the edges and this blurriness suggest their volume but at the same time it begins to erase it. And because they don't fit the surface area of A4 or A3, the absent bits around their shape comes out black. I am not sure why they don't come out as absent. Black is a colour. There will be a technical reason for this which I am possibly not technically minded enough to understand. And there is no such thing as absence anyway, not really.

I will put the teddy bear and crisp packet up on a day which feels right. I will acknowledge the author - my sister - when I do. I will try not to consider what to put up until the day I put it up. I will try to do it everyday until the end of July (provisionally) or the end of August (possibly). Should there be any other rules? Any comments would be most appreciated.

P.S. I like 'A Scanner Darkly' lots but it's not really anything to do with that.


J. Kaye said...

What a neat project! Are you planning on posting more of your scanned objects?

Dr Ken said...

Thanks J.Kaye. Yes, one a day for a month. Each one has to say something about my current everyday life. Hard, huh?!