Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Scanner Daily: day three

A piece of Bread, wholemeal, scanned

Today I bring you a piece of bread. A piece of daily bread because I eat it daily. I can afford it on job seeker's allowance. It is my staple and it keeps me stable. It is very cheap and versatile. You can have it with sweet conserves and honey (which is good for viruses) or you can have it with savoury options such as houmous (which I now home make), marmite, peanut butter or beans. You can also mix sweet and savoury, such as peanutbutter and jam. I prefer peanut butter with avocado. Try it, it works. Sometimes I buy a loaf on offer from the fresh section of Asda for around 40p and somtimes I put it in the freezer and just take out the slices when I need to toast them. However, I find that sometimes it breaks like a thrown snowball when you try to get it out of the packet. Bread is cheap enough really to not have to keep it this way.

I don't agree with no carb diets, such as the Atkins plan, because bread itself is very low in fat and it provides a good source of energy. As long as you're not coeliac and you don't get really bloated when eating it, it should be OK as a diet food. I have known people to live on it and keep really skinny. It's what you put on it which can be the problem. I opt for wholemeal because it works as daily fibre. It also has B vitamins in it this way.

I am afraid to eat this piece of bread now that it has been scanned. It might be radioactive. It is a good job I have had my breakfast - one piece of toast with honey and one with marmalade. I think I have some left for lunch to have with houmous.

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