Monday, July 12, 2010

A Scanner Daily: 7

Some Sunday Sketches in the garden in Timperley, fountain pen on notepad

Still finding it hard to get definition with a thick clotting fountain pen. I was attracted to the bark on the tree - the more I looked at it the crustier and crazier it appeared. I couldn't face drawing all the leaves though. My cat, Chomsky, wouldn't sit still and I followed him round the garden all day but I could never get a good, prolonged eyeful. On the bottom right picture I had to make up his eyes and his left one looks human as a consequence. The jeans on the line caught my eye as they looked a bit comical, the left pair being my Dad's and the right pair - more pear shaped, being my own, but I couldn't get the shading right with the pen. I was hoping a bird would land on the washing line but it didn't. Bird outlines are cool at the moment and I have a necklace with a generic bird-shaped bird on it in maroon PVC, sitting on a silver twig.

I had other plans for Sunday. I wasn't very productive but at least I did something.

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