Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Scanner Daily: day two

Looking For Work record, started 13th May 2010

This is my first week's JSA paperwork which evidences that I look for work - and which I have to show the job centre each time I sign on. I do look for work and I also apply for work and I write down that I am looking and applying for work but I rarely get responses from employers. The man at the job centre says I am more active at looking for work than the other people he sees. He now no longer asks to look at this record. But I still do it, in case of that one time when he does and if I hadn't done it he may tell me off and I may be reprimanded by the state. I may have my £65 a week taken away. I don't think he would tell the state though. I think he would just 'let me off' that once but tell me not to do it again - not to not write down the jobs for which I'm applying but not getting, and from which I'm not getting a response from employers.

P.S. the other pages to follow at some point.

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