Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Scanner Daily: 11

Three elastic bands, scanned

Yesterday I attended Madlab's Interesting Monday where people give talks about whatever takes their fancy and other people listen. I gave an extremely cringeworthy last minute, hangover heady talk (I'm still hungover even today from Saturday's tea party, hence the small daily) about this blog which was definitely the least interesting part of the evening. More interesting were the talk on ants - apparently they are eusocial - they interact with consideration a bit like humans do, a Korean game a bit like blackjacks called Kunghe and how practising magic can aid digital design. Magician, Stuart Nolan, http://www.hexinduction.com/ talked generously and intensely about sleight of hand (I always want to say slight of hand) and manipulation. One of his tricks which he showed us in the pub involved elastic bands. He donated these to me for A Scanner Daily. They look extraordinary striking and almost hyperreal for three run of the mill, beige coloured elastic bands. Perhaps it is magic but I'm still not entirely sure what magic is.


Dr Ken said...

This was my favourite scanner daily. Maybe that's another reason why I had to end. I couldn't imagine a better capture.

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