Monday, June 21, 2010

Looking for luck

I am not sure if I am freelance as a teacher and as a writer or not. If you don't get paid for writing, then are you still a freelance writer? I get paid for teaching, which is something, although I don't get holiday pay. How does one get paid for writing? I approach people but they go vague on me or they don't answer my email so I just end up doing stuff for free. It could mean that my writing isn't good enough. How do we really know if it's good enough or not? Someone said to me recently that's there's no such thing as good or bad writing. You say what you need to and someone out there will want to hear it. Since Modernist and Post-Modernist movements in literature, anything goes, e.g. stream of consciousness, non-linear narrative, plain sentence structure, even poor punctuation and grammar to get in line with the characters' ways of thinking - BUT I still think that there are definite yeses and nos in fiction writing. I'm not going to go into this here but I will do soon.

I'm 32 and most ficiton writers I know have been published several times over. Most academic writer have been too. I wonder if I am getting too old to 'get a break.' But then I haven't been writing for long. But I have been volunteering in the arts sector, since I was 20 and I never seem to secure any paid work here. I don't seem to meet publishers looking for story writers. I am moaning, yes. I wonder if a little luck will find its way to me in my 30s. Do we make our own luck? I do try.

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