Sunday, June 13, 2010

Korea, London and London Korean links

This is a short post and it's related to the thesis more than the anti-thesis although that figures too and as the anti-thesis stage of my life unfolds, who knows what will happen in relation to my possible lives in Britain, Korea or anywhere.

Lee Lee-nam: Kumgang Mountain Tanballyong pass Video, 5min 30secs

During the thesis, I wrote Korean art articles - mainly reviews of Korean art exhibitions in London - for Philip Gowman who established the site londonkoreanlinks. It's a blog about all things Korean for people who want to read about Korea in English. It has become an essential online space for Koreans as much as for English speakers who like Korea, especially if they live in London. My thesis examined the presence and proliferation of a large number of Korean artists and curators migrating to London, to practise or curate their art or art knowledge. I won't say any more about it than this because if you're interested there's a link at the bottom to my stuff and later this week there will be a post which summarises my thesis.

My interest in Korea remains, although my passion for art has waned. I now feel like vomiting every time someone says the word. I'm waiting for this to pass. It's a normal reaction, right?

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jo persona said...

Yes, your reaction is perfectly normal and you will get over it.


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