Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finishing the novel

Well I seemed to have finished the novel! I've written 6,500 words since yesterday's post. I just had to keep going till the end. I was right, I'm 24,000 short of it being marketable novel length. I need some ideas on how to make it longer. I've told my tale. I guess I need someone to read it and tell me how I can tell it in more detail? But what if you're not a descriptive styled writer? Hmmm (chin rub majestically). It's time to stop writing and start thinking.


Dr Ken said...

Draft one. I mean.

J. Kaye said...

Yep, it's plotting time. :) My first drafts are a little short too. I figure I'll fill them in on round two.

Dr Ken said...

Hi J Kaye.

Is yours often very short like mine? Do you add description? How many novels have you written?
Thans for your comment.


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