Sunday, June 6, 2010

days away from writing 2

Traversing in Edale - It is OK if the rock moves as long as you know that it moves

Yesterday we went to Edale. One of the reasons was because I'm writing a scene in my novel which is set in Edale so I needed to take some mental notes. It was also predicted to be a sunny day and recently on sunny days I've been writing in the dark. We went walking up a hill beside the valley but it was so muggy we had to keep stopping - and reflecting. Sometimes people walk so hard they don't notice what they're walking through. We ascended then came back by following the stream along the valley where the air was cooler. It was very rocky; there were big rocks and small rocks and medium sized rocks and there was rubble. So we clambered over and under and past and beyond the rocks and along the way we contorted our bodies in a menagerie of ways with which they were not familiar. Today I ache. It was fun with a capital F though. It was like traversing in rock climbing - not dangerous enough to need a rope but still tiring and it required some kind of skill and balance. We had to keep changing sides of the river to find the most stable rocks and reeds to walk upon. We laughed a lot along the way as I did a transatlantic voiceover, a bit like the one on Jack Osborne's Adrenalin Junkie. "When strategy meets fear." It's an exaggeration but there were a few close calls. Some of the rocks we stepped on to cross back and forth over the river were slippy or wobbly. It is OK if the rock moves as long as you know that it moves. We had to test our grounds before we stepped (is this another writing analogy?). We also came across an angry ram who chased us towards a hill which was covered in heather and feeding bees. We did some heather climbing, grasping the roots up the steep slope but we were on shaky grounds, literally, so we ended up sliding down back to the bottom on our backs and bums. The ram had gotten over us by then. Not our finest hour. I found earthy residue in my knickers in the pub afterwards. The Nag's Head in stoney housed Edale. It does some 'awesome' chips.

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