Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Answer Thing Part 2 (because it wouldn't let me put it in one post - it ran out of characters!)

• Plot. I'm not sure why but I find this stressful. I think there's always that fear of continuity errors, that I'm going to contradict something massive that's already happened by accident. I was talking to my ex-supervisor about this and he said: "what like, crap, I forgot I killed her off in chapter two!" If only it were that obvious. It's the little things like days of the week, how many siblings the characters have, stuff to do with their interests. That's where detailed plans come in useful. But I don't work well with those. They tend to stunt my thinking processes which means that they become a contradiction in terms. The plot does tend to evolve itself via the writing of the characters. What the characters do becomes the plot.My plots tend to be about:

- people watching each other and incidents occurring as a result of this. The question of whether they are being stalked. What is stalking - do we all stalk each other to some degree?
- investigations - whether academic focused or otherwise.
- a few deaths and illnesses along the way. How the characters respond to this.
- betrayals.
- twists - unexpected results.

Right, now, at this very moment, I'm getting confused between themes and plots. Plots are schematic; they are about process, an unfolding of events, right? Somewhere amongst this unfolding there needs to be a crescendo. A writer recently suggested that this be just after the third quarter and that it should be followed by a calm. I think with my novel it will be at the end. I need to investigate whether this is feasible in terms of reader satisfaction.

I think I've done OK so far with my plot, considering. I'm a little stuck for the next two chapters though. The first half was fine and the last couple of chapters should be OK. Now how can I write the chapters in between without just filling in the gaps? I'm seeking the answer.

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