Thursday, June 24, 2010

7 more random things about me

I'm doing two posts today in case I don't have time tomorrow, what with transcribing Damien Hirst interviews, voluntarily doing an open day for art and design research degrees, applying for jobs, and, oh, writing that novel.

I know it's self indulgent but when I did the 7 random things about me in the Versatile Blogger Award post, I kept thinking of lots and lots and in some kooky or otherwise egocentric way, I found it rather enjoyable. Perhaps it is therapeutic. I think it helps me to write about other characters when I'm clearer about my own.

watch out for kimchi breath!

1. The only food I truly cannot bear to eat is aubergine.
2. I rarely fancy men under the age of 45.
3. The birthmark on my neck has faded as I've got older.
4. I don't feel loneliness.
5. I prefer winter to summer and spring to autumn.
6. I worship my tabby cat the way the Egyptians would.
7. I am addicted to chili condiments, whether they be kimchi, hot pepper sauce or spicy chutneys. Over the past week I have begun having chili condiments with everything I eat. I just ate chili relish on toast.

And here is a recipe for kimchi!



Natasha said...

Thanks for your comment. Congrats on completing your doctorate. I'm sorry to hear about your sister's diagnosis, I hope things are ok with her. Working with oncology patients is challenging, but I love working in the field. I never thought I'd enjoy the patient population, but its very rewarding at times, even though it can be heartbreaking.

J. Kaye said...

You are one busy lady!


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