Tuesday, June 1, 2010

100 pages in, how many out?

I have now reached another mini marker. The 100 pager. That's quite a lot of words and even more in letters. I'm 100 pages into my novel. It's time I printed it and asked someone to read it. As I only have three followers, this is not really the place to ask. How do people get followed on blogs? Is there any correlation between how successful you are as a blogger and how likely it is that your novel will be published?

The writing's going better today. I think the hangover really did stifle the paths of my protagonists for a day. I must remember that for future bouts of nonliterary desperation. I like blogging, there's no intrusive spell checker. I can make up words, like nonliterary.

Still not been swimming.

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GaryMcMahon said...

I hereby encourage you to write.
My blogs attract almost no attention at all.
I'm coming to the conclusion that writing and attracting attention are bad for each other.
Also, beware the feedback you solicit. Criticism can be devastating, and often on facebook what people mean by 'positive criticism' is praise. In other words, they don't want criticism. Which is fair enough. But it's better to say that, so everyone knows where they stand. Except bloggers feel less professional and a bit silly saying that, so they say they want 'positive criticism' instead.
There's no such thing. There's just the truth, and there's bullshit. In feedback to blogs, most of what passes for criticism is positive criticism and most of what passes for positive criticism is bullshit.
So I'm not sure blogging is the way to go.


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