Tuesday, May 25, 2010

here I go again on my own

It seems I'm back on this e-blogger malarky. I established this blog when I started my PhD as an archive for various photos I was taking at the time on my prehistoric nokia, recording my life but also my contact with Korean art. Now my Phd is over. I completed it in just over three years. That's one achievement to date.

I'm writing a novel and I'm 30,000 words in. It's not bad considering I've only been writing it a few months. I want to share my writerly journey and I've been told from a range of angles that that is what I should do. I didn't realise just quite how much blogs had taken over the world of published thought. I didn't realise that blogs carry more weight than websites. I've not long been twittering. I like the hash function. It's like engaging with a splinter group. I hadn't heard of pingomatic before May this year. I've tried pinging my other blog, one I started as a response to the election campaign. I don't think it worked. I'll put those posts on here instead. They're a part of my process somehow. Like writing a PhD thesis. There's an antithesis and it's writing a novel. It's like Dialectical Materialism on a micro scale: the thesis writing caused a contradiction, it overturned my system of writing, my mode of production: the revolution is prose.

My novel is called The Gaps Between the Branches. I'm going to summarise the themes, characters and narrative concisely on another post. Maybe it'll be a synopsis.

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The War Tour said...

looking forward to reading your blog and the novel. Good blogging luck xx